Safety tips

Going boating? Read these safety tips provided to you by the St Maarten Sea Rescue Foundation.

  • Inform someone on shore about your departure time and estimated time to return and inform them when you are back in your harbor
  • Perform a radio check on your base VHF radio and check antenna connections for corrosion
  • Always bring a spare hand held VHF with you
  • Check batteries on your GPS and bring spare ones
  • Perform a safety check on your vessel, check for gas fumes for instance
  • Make sure you have enough fuel with your for the trip
  • Check fire extinguishers
  • Bring a certified life vest with reflection and whistle for everyone on board
  • Every boat has been approved for a specific amount of passengers, stick to that
  • Have all your safety equipment up to date (flares, flashlights etc)
  • Show all passengers where to find life jackets and safety equipment
  • Use common sense! Don’t leave port when you don’t trust the boat or the weather.

Even the most experienced boater can run into the worst of trouble – make sure that you are prepared. A boat accident can happen at any time – safety is your priority!