Sponsors welcome


Shared donation between the SSRF and SNSM (French side)

Is your business ready to make the commitment to assist our Foundation with the much needed financial influx? Can your organization help our foundation to be able to continue saving lives? The people that we save will highly appreciate your generous donation made to our foundation. Without that, they may have been lost at sea.


If you see one of these – please donate!

If you become a sponsor like many others your business will be mentioned on our website. Not ready for a big donation? we offer programs where monthly donations can be made. Contact us today do discuss with us how you can help.

Private persons can off course also donate to the St Maarten Sea Rescue Foundation.



Donating is easy using online banking. No amount is too small!

Bank information:
St Maarten Sea Rescue Foundation
WIB Bank# 14380707
P.O. Box 383, Philipsburg
St Maarten

Please have a look on our sponsors page to see other generous businesses that are donating to the St Maarten Sea Rescue Foundation.